“Live at the Garage”, outdoor concert with Ash Nataanii

Unfortunately our planned concert with Hermina Jean could not take place. Luckily, the amazing Ash Nataanii stepped in on very short notice. Thank you so much!

Thu, August 26th, 7 pm (donation based). Our exhibition will be open from 4 pm within our regular opening hours. The concert will start around 7 pm.

“Botanical Encounter” Plant drawing/printing workshop

Draw a plant, explore a simple printing method and become part of an international art project. We invite you to take part in our plant drawing/printing workshop on Saturday July 31st from 10 am to 1 pm in the garden of the sustainability project UM FLAT, that is in direct neighborhood, just a view steps away from the “Garage”.

The workshop is for people of all ages. There are no particular skills needed. We start with an introduction at 10 am. However, you can join any time. We will present you local plants and create drawings and prints that will be exhibited online and analogue in the frame of the participatory art project “Botanical-Encounter” by I-Chen Lai (Taiwan / Germany). The artist is inspired by the “Codex Kentmanus” a book from the 16th century that is one of the earliest collections of plant drawings and prints. Lai’s idea is to create a modern version of the “Codex Kentmanus” with drawings and prints from people around the world. It is a narrative map that starts with the question: “What was your most memorable encounter with a plant?” The results will be exhibited online on the website and on site in the “Garage” exhibition.

Sat, July 31 st, 10 am to 1 pm at UM FLAT, 633 S Fifth St E, Missoula, MT 59801 (free admission). We will give an introduction at 10 am. You are welcome to join any time.

Opening and Outdoor film screening: “Garage People”

We open the Garage with a film that sparked our initial inspiration for the project: The documentary „Garage People“ by Natalija Yefimkina (Germany) is set in a rural area of Russia where life happens in a garage community at the outskirts of a town. The filmmaker dives into the eccentric lives of people who build saunas and fitness studios in their garages, people who follow their passions from carving religious icons to digging an impressive underground shelter. Without asking direct questions, Yefimkina closely portraits what she finds, following a script written by life itself. Through obscure, funny and moving moments, the film allows to immerse into a world where people find refuge form the hardship of life and seek their personal fulfilment.

Thu, July 15th, 8.30 pm (free admission). You are welcome to visit starting from 8.30 pm for the exhibition opening. The film starts when it’s dark enough.